What is it that we like about sporting events? Is it the crowd? Is it the game? Is it the overpriced beer? Perhaps. This lead me to think about our community at large. I think what is truly remarkable about sport is the social interaction. In many ways our lives are becoming more and more digital and I think on a macro level the human species desires to interact through a multiplicity of different venues on a micro plane. Last night I went to see the Nashville Predators play the Calgary Flames. While there I and many other, rest assured, were not only together physically watching the game with our eyes, listening with our ears and using our other senses to take in the event. We were additionally sharing the event through the data we were collecting e.g. tweets, Facebook updates, even good old fashion sms and mms.

What this boils down to for me personally, and I think for the ever increasing tech savvy at large is we enjoy sharing moments together, both physically and digitally. With an ever increasing population, with the human species spreading out and constructing new building and moving into new areas, there is and will always be a desire for that small community feel. The sharing of an experience with a friend. Technology brings us together in a way previously unheard of and no matter the distance. I think the “pale blue dot”, to quote Sagan, will remain a small community no matter the distance which separates us.

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Today I spoke with a man who genuinely believed that the world is 6,000 years old and a product of intelligent design (mythology). My heart went out to this gentleman because what I saw in him was a need to be special, to determine why he was.

I wanted to let him know that we are all special in our own way. Not because some uberman made us but because our constituent elements traveled vast distances across the cosmos to become you and I.

In order to understand ourselves we should observe the world around us. Countless generations, modifications, and evolutionary baby steps have made us what we are today, and that my friend is a miracle that even superman couldn’t conjure. Observe the world around you it’s amazing….

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